VISION: Equip young India with scientific and technical knowledge in music which should help in creating brighter, cultural and art sensitive society

Ajivasan offers varied Music Appreciation Courses for children, adults and youth. Thoughtfully curated affiliation programs of Ajivasan, works for all the institutions; be it a school, corporate or residential colony.

Ajivasan aims at spreading music education with practical and scientific method which widens Individual’s ability to use his/her potential to 100%.

Shortlisted below are few more benefits of having music education in your life…

  • Develops language, mathematical and reasoning sense
  • A mastery in memorizing / Change in practice methods
  • Increases coordination/teamwork abilities
  • Emotions stability
  • Helps in Relaxation
  • Imagination, creativity and intellect boost
  • Develop sense of responsibilities
  • Confidence and risk-ability boost
  • Develops humour and happiness


Why Collaborate with Ajivasan?

  • Legacy of 85 years; we’ve been training aspiring artists and helping them understand this art, with scientific and practical training for past 85 years This proposal is a wish to bring this legacy at your school.
  • Well-trained faculty under the guidance of Shri Suresh Wadkar
  • Very prudent, tested and certified curriculum
  • Access to additional workshops/events taking place at the main center of Ajivasan in Juhu, Mumbai (T&C apply)
  • Assessment through reports, exams and felicitation with Certification at the end of the course
  • Opportunity to interact with Suresh Ji and academies’ alumni members