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With a legacy of 85 years, Ajivasan Music Academy has now become a worldwide benchmark for delivering Quality music education to the aspiring singers & musicians.

Ajivasan’s‘Music At Home’ provides LIVE & Interactive Online Music Classes (Worldwide) for all those who aspire to learn Indian Classical Vocals, Bollywood Vocals, Western Vocals, Sitar, Guitar & Keyboard. It is about focused classes and a structured curriculum imparted by our highly trained teachers, who ensure that your journey along the learning path is smooth on every step. It is also about convenient batch timings and days, choice of joining a batch or one-on-one format, periodic assessments, certifications, etc.

Ajivasan has always believed and demonstrated the true essence of Guru-ShishyaParampara where a Guru passes on his knowledge of Music to his disciples so that they learn to live the art. Suresh Wadkar carried forward the legacy of his Guru AcharyaJialalVasant and has since then been spreading the message of Music to thousands of students. Ajivasan Online Music Academy wishes to carry forward this legacy.

All our teachers are musically qualified (Masters In Music) and are further professionally trained and certified by Ajivasan Music Academy before taking any music classes. The training given to our teachers does not only involve curriculum details but we also equip them with our daily experiences of how to conduct the classes and how to manage students from various age groups and stature.

Our Management Team

Suresh Wadkar


Prem Vasant


Padma Wadkar


Nitin Raghuvanshi

Chief Operating Officer