I AM The Next Superstar Registrations start from 30th November 2017


I AM The Next Superstar 2017 Highlights

With great repute for providing scientific training in Hindustani Classical Music, The Institute also offers workshop in singing for following:

  • The contest will be open for all. Registrations (Online) start from 30th November 2017
  • The participants will be divided in two age groups: (up to 15 yrs) & (16 yrs and above).
  • The participants will be divided in two age groups: (up to 15 yrs) & (16 yrs and above).
  • 1st Audition round on 6th & 7th January 2018 in selected Ajivasan branches.
  • 2nd Audition round on 10th January 2018 in Ajivasan Juhu. (100 participants will be selected).
  • Semi finals on 17th January 2018 in Ajivasan Juhu branch (20 Participants will be selected).
  • All semi finalists to perform in any 2 of the following malls:
    • Malad Infinity
    • Andheri Infinity
    • Worli Atria Mall
    • Ghatkopar R-city
    • Thane Viviana/ Korum
  • Finals on 31st January 2018 in Juhu (Ajivasan Hall) (10 Participants from each age group will perform).
  • Two winners will be declared out of 20 participants (1 from each group).

How to become a superstar?

Our experts in classical as well as Bollywood dances make the Bollywood dance class full of fun learning.

  • Register with Ajivasan (www.ajivasan.com/competition).
  • For the first round of audition you may sing your own choice of song, whichever genre you are comfortable in. (Duration - 2 min)
  • For the second round of audition 40 songs will be given to the participants which will be a mix of old and new songs. Participants will have to select any two songs (One new and one old).
  • For the third round participants will have to sing two songs one will be semi- classical and one Bollywood song of their choice. (Duration - 3 min).
  • A grooming workshop for the selected 20 semi finalists.
  • For the final round you will have to sing the judge’s challenge i.e. the judge’s choice of song.(One mukhda one antra)

Suresh ji to be part of the jury for the age group 16 yrs & above.
Padma ji to be part of the jury for the age group 15 yrs & below.


What will the winners of Superstar-2017 get?

Have a fun-filled summer holidays while you enjoy learning Music & Dance.

  • Two winners to be declared (one from each age group).
  • Rs. 25,000/- worth scholarship in Ajivasan Music Academy.
  • One original song composed and recorded by Ajivasan Studios and released on Ajivasan YouTube channel (5,000 subscribers) and Facebook (60,000 followers).

A Guru passes on his knowledge of music to the disciples hoping that they learn to live the art.

Glimpses of Workshops & Performances

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